THE BAKER – Andrea Hemment

andrea_cakeMy love of baking was culled at an early age.  My mother always encouraged me to help in the kitchen.  She used (and continues to use) a red spiral-bound notebook to keep her baking recipes organized.  As a child, I always felt a mixture of joy and comfort when I spied that book on the counter.  Over the years, it has swelled to include a variety of hand-written and photocopied recipes.  Its edges have frayed, its pages have yellowed, and it has silently born the unceremonious doodles of an eight-year-old girl (an act for which I was immediately reprimanded).  Despite this, it may be the most cherished cookbook in our family.

While I have always turned to the red notebook for tasty recipes, I have always wanted to learn how bakers make the beautiful desserts that are often displayed in their shop windows.  When a cake decorating course taken at my local high school failed to satisfy my curiosity, it was my husband who suggested that I conduct some research of my own.  I approached baking as I approached my doctoral thesis: I went to the library, read book upon book, took copious notes, and experimented with my ideas.

Each dessert that I create teaches me something new, and each experience is enlightening and rewarding.  I approach baking as I approach everything in my life: I apply high standards, pay careful attention to the details, and embrace every experience with passion.  The end result is always beautiful!


Note: Tortissima, LLC is a residential bakery. While most of our products are peanut and tree-nut free, there are nut products on the premises.  Please specify any and all food allergies with your order.