From a birthday party to a wedding shower, a special occasion merits a special cake. The inspiration for these beautiful desserts often comes from the interests of the person being celebrated: a favorite saying, a cherished hobby, a beloved character, or a favorite color. These are thoughtfully incorporated into the design and decoration, and the result is a cake as unique and special as its recipient! View gallery


Color, playfulness and imagination – the hallmarks of a child’s world and the hallmark of these wonderful cakes. Children have a discerning eye, and are passionate about the games, stories and characters they love. These cakes capture this magic and bring smiles to the party! View gallery



Trompe l’oeil is an artistic term meaning “to deceive the eye”. It is an optical illusion that depicts a painted object in three dimensions. Here, the eye is tricked by turning unassuming cakes into everyday objects. From violins to sweet potatoes, these cakes are crafted with careful attention to detail and faithfulness to their original models. Sweet and surprising, they are bound to make you look twice! View gallery


The old adage is “Say it with flowers” and these cakes speak volumes. Each bloom is carefully crafted by hand: cut, shaped and colored (sometimes over a period of several days). The result is nothing short of magical!  View gallery